How do i remove bug splat?

Like the ever-evolving Kha'Zix, League of Legends is always adding new Champions, graphic updates, và particle effects. Those additions usually use the latest available software that Graphics Card và Operating System manufacturers have sầu available at the time.Because of this, you may experience the symptoms described below if you software is not up khổng lồ date.

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Common Symptoms

The game crashes khổng lồ desktopThe screen is blachồng when the game is launchedThe game freezes completely without crashing to desktopThe client crashes after the game endsThe client crashes after champion selectThe client crashes during champion loading screen

Bug Splat

Bugsplat is the bug reporting system used by League of Legends to inkhung us of emerging issues. Bugsplat issues are typically caused by either your PC's Hardware (the physical parts that biến hóa your PC) or the graphic settings you have sầu applied within League of Legends.



Note: After attempting each solution below, please create a custom game (with bots or by yourself) khổng lồ demo the new settings.

Cheông xã the minimum system requirements

You can vì sohere.

Update Graphics Card Drivers

Why is it important khổng lồ keep your đoạn Clip drivers up khổng lồ date?

Video card drivers (software that interfaces with your graphics card) often include vital bug fixes and/or optimizations. Your thẻ is generally shipped with a driver pre-packaged, but this driver is usually out of date by the time it reaches your computer. One of the most important steps you can perform when installing a new video clip thẻ or using a new computer is installing the most up-to-date driver.The update process will vary depending on the specific video card you have sầu, but many players will find that they likely own a thẻ from one of three major hàng hóa lines: NVIDIA, AMD or Intel. Since these are the most comtháng types of graphics cards, we will cover the basic update process for each.

How khổng lồ identify your graphic cards?

Press+R (this will open up a "Run" window).Typedxdiagand then hitEnter.Select the Display tab.cảnh báo the name và manufacturer of your thẻ in the top left corner of the window.

Most comtháng graphics card manufacturers have a solution that scans your computer and updates drivers automatically. We recommover you to manually tải về the drivers at the sites below:AMDNVIDIAIntel

Update DirectX

Updating your DIRECTX

DirectX is a set of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) developed by Microsoft. This API allows various applications lớn interact with hardware on your computer without knowing ahead of time what that hardware is. Many applications use DirectX, however it is most commonly used in running games, because they tover to lớn be hardware intensive sầu.

What does it mean to me?

If you are using an outdated version of DirectX, League of Legends is going khổng lồ have sầu problems interacting with your hardware (your graphics card, mouse, keyboard, speakers, etc.). This can result in a variety of errors, ranging from driver crashes, keyboard or mouse inputs failing to register, or sound cutting out.

Update Link keep in mind that the highest version of DirectX that you can get depends on your version of Windows, as described in the above Microsoft article.

Note: Windows XPhường is no longer diemthitotnghiep24h.comed by Microsoft as of April 8, 2014. That means that if you cannot get the appropriate version of DirectX from the above liên kết, you will need lớn tăng cấp your Operating System. You can find more info here:

Update your version of Windows

Make sure your Windows is fully updated

Windows updates often address issues within the Operating System and DirectX, which may lead khổng lồ application crashes. You can find the relevant instructions from Microsoft here:

Note: Windows XPhường is no longer diemthitotnghiep24h.comed by Microsoft as of April 8, năm trước. That means you will not be able khổng lồ get automatic updates for this version of Windows và will need to nâng cấp your Operating System. You can find more info here:

Install .Net Framework 3.5

Manually install .NET FRAMEWORK 3.5:

.NET Framework is a software library developed by Microsoft that runs primarily on Microsoft Windows. One of the dependencies of League of Legends is .Net Framework 3.5. Even if you have sầu 4.0, you may need to also have the 3.5 version installed khổng lồ properly play League of Legends. You can tải về and install it here:

Perform a clean boot on Windows

Clean Boot Guide

Sometimes, other applications, especially software that uses an overlay (i.e. Skype, Teamspeak, Steam), can cause League of Legends to crash. You can exit or disable those applications và see if this resolves the issue with crashing by trying out a custom game in League of Legends.Alternatively, if you want lớn be 100% sure that no other application is interfering with League of Legends, you should try performing a clean boot in Windows. To bởi so, please follow the instructions below:

Disabling all non-essential processes:

Press + RTypemsconfiginto the text bar at the bottom of the menuClick on theServicestabCheckHide all Microsoft servicesso you don't kết thúc up accidentally disabling a key processClick theDisable AllbuttonCliông xã on theStartuptabCliông chồng on theDisable AllbuttonClick on theApplybuttonCliông chồng on theOKbuttonRestart your computer

Note: For performing a clean boot on Windows 8 and 8.1 please see the following Microsoft article:

Reset your Graphics Card software

Make sure your Graphics Card software isn't interfering with League of Legends

NVIDIA comes with the NVIDIA Control Panel và AMD comes with the Catalyst Control Center. Both of these programs allow users khổng lồ mix up graphics profiles that can override application settings & sometimes interfere with League of Legends as a result. Resetting the software khổng lồ mặc định values usually gives control of graphics back lớn the applications. Here's how lớn bởi vì it:

NVIDIA Control Panel

Right-click on your desktop & select NVIDIA Control Panel.Select Manage 3 chiều Settings.Clichồng on Restore Defaults.

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Catalyst Control Panel

Right-click on your desktop and select Catalyst Control Center (also called VISION center).Select Preferences.Clichồng on Restore Factory Defaults.

Change your game settings

Adjusting Clip settings

Minimizing the video clip options will reduce the amount of effects on screen và could help you avoid crashing. Playing around with these settings will help you find a sweet spot between performance và quality. As a starting point, try setting each option khổng lồ its lowest value. You can access them in-game by pressingESCand selectingVIDEO.

Settings: CustomResolution: Match desktop resolutionCharacter Quality: Very LowEnvironment Quality: Very LowShadows: No ShadowEffects Quality: Very LowFrame Rate Cap: 60 FPSWait for Vertical Sync: UncheckedAnti-Aliasing: Unchecked

You can also change some of the interface options lớn reduce the amount of ức chế on your hardware. To access these options pressESCin-game and selectINTERFACE.

Adjusting interface options

Uncheck Enable HUD animationsUnkiểm tra Show Target Frame on attackUncheck Enable line missile displayUnkiểm tra Show Attachồng Range

Disable the Debug Version of DirectX

What is the DIRECT X debug version?

The Debug version of DirectX is used by developers to solve and troubleshoot a wide variety of issues with games that use DirectX. It is usually not intended for casual use, but some players might turn on this setting on & then forget to turn it off.If you want khổng lồ learn more about DirectX Debug and Development, you can read Microsoft's own article here:

How does it affect League of Legends?

Here are comtháng examples of how a debug version of DirectX adversely affects League of Legends:

The entire bản đồ will be covered in Fog of WarYou will not see any animations (i.e. brush movement)

How vày I disable the debug version?

Press the Windows key & type DirectX Control Panel.Open the DirectX Control Panel (Be sure not to lớn select the 64-Bit one)Click on the Direct3D 9 TabMake sure you select "Use Retail Version of Direct3D 9"Cliông chồng Apply and then cliông xã Ok lớn cthất bại the Window.

Missing d3dx9_39.dll file

The file is missing from your computer. This can be due lớn the corrupted tệp tin when you are patching or downloading the game by turning on Anti-Virus or Firewall.Example of error message


How bởi vì I solve sầu this?

Cheông xã if you are using 32-bit or 64-bit Operating System
Download the selected file



3. Place the file at C:WindowsSystem324. Restart League of Legends client

Own Logitech Software or Hardware

The game crashes when champion loading screen is supposed lớn show up, after champion select. The client would disappear và there was not reconnect button.

To further claify, if you are running Logitech gaming software, use this fix. If you experience crashing after champion select but are not running Logitech gaming software, try the fix but don't delete the dlls. Just rename them. If it didn't help you, just change their names baông xã. That will ensure that nothing will be broken for you.

Go khổng lồ C:Program Files (x86)Garenadiemthitotnghiep24h.comGameDataAppsdiemthitotnghiep24h.comGameConfigmở cửa the "game.cfg" with NotePad & ensure you are running is as Administrator ModeCtrl + F and type in


Paste the word in the Notepad: sầu the lưu ý PadGo lớn C:Program Files (x86)Garenadiemthitotnghiep24h.comGameDataAppsdiemthitotnghiep24h.comGameFind for LogitechGKey.dll & LogitechLed.dl


Copy the two files and save sầu them at Desktop (just in case you need to reuse it)Delete or RENAME the two files

Modified components in the game

We vị not encourage players lớn modify any feature in game. If you modify any files in the game before, there might be some corrupted or missing files in your game thư mục.

Clean Reinstallation

Uninstall the gameRemove sầu all related files và folders in C or D Drive sầu. By mặc định, please remove the thư mục at C:Program Files (x86)Remove all manual patchesInstall & patch the game

Disable Third Party Software

Third các buổi tiệc nhỏ applications may be causing your League of Legends game client khổng lồ crash after champion select completes. Instead of entering the loading screen, the game will crash due to lớn a conflict & display the following error message:Example of error message


Uninstall or Disable third các buổi tiệc nhỏ software

These game crashes are commonly occurring amongst players usingthird các buổi tiệc nhỏ programs such as Replay. You can fix this issue by uninstalling or disabling any third các buổi tiệc nhỏ applications that you are using.

Asus ROG Gaming Series Laptop và Desktop users

If you owns a Hãng Asus ROG Gaming series máy tính xách tay or desktop,and often face client crash issue, please refer to lớn the solution below:

mở cửa task manager via Ctrl+Shift+Esc key.Ensure task manager is in detailed mode (bottom left should show "Fewer details" instead of "More details"Go lớn Details tab and right cliông chồng "AsusGameFirstService.exe" & then end process tree

Other Possible Solutions

Remove inactive sầu friends at buddy danh mục and clear the names in ignore listRemove sầu friends with weird symbols on the namesORask them lớn change their Summoner NamesEnd Garena Talk TalkTurn off Firewall và Anti VirusORAdd League of Legends inkhổng lồ the exception listIf the above sầu cannot solve sầu your problem, please vày a Clean Reinstallation of Client.

Still having Client Crash Issues?

If none of the above sầu points helped, you cansubmit a ticketkhổng lồ Player In order to lớn help us resolve sầu your issue quickly, please include the following logs in your ticket:

Are you using Wi-Fi or Wired Connection?Are you sharing Internet Connection with your friends or family?Are you having P2P programs such as PPS, QVOD or Torrent running at the background?What Anti-Virus/Firewall you are using?Summoner Name:Internet Service Provider (ISP):Sover us your logs file. (Guide given below)

Guide: How to lớn get your r3d & Network logThey are in the thư mục here (by default):C:Program Files (x86)Garenadiemthitotnghiep24h.comGameDataAppsdiemthitotnghiep24h.comGameLogsGuide: How to get your AIR logsThey are in the folder here (by default):C:Program Files (x86)Garenadiemthitotnghiep24h.comGameDataAppsdiemthitotnghiep24h.comAirlogsZip them up & upload in free server: