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For instance, this century has seen the arrival of allergic, bionic, carcinogenic, moronic, psychedelic và videographic.
The first is that incessant ovulation with repeated trauma khổng lồ the epithelium or repeated mitotic stimulation of the epithelium is carcinogenic (23;24).
Leather dust can be carcinogenic và causes allergies, both of which represent a threat khổng lồ the local population.
The migration of seeds to the lungs has had no adverse effects on pulmonary function; however there is a potential carcinogenic risk.
Reports of hazardous chemical exposures to lớn both male & female workers and related carcinogenic, mutagenic and now teratogenic effects are ever-increasing.
Metals & compounds like chromium and phenol are carcingenic and dyes like azo are both carcinogenic và allergy inducing.
This system constructs arguments for và against ascribing various carcinogenic risk classifications on compounds.
Examples include water & air quality, waste management, energy efficiency, pesticide và fertilizer use, carcinogenic substances in food, & deforestation.
The hormones were deemed carcinogenic & had allegedly led to lớn disorders in children that had eaten hormone-treated beef.
Cancer retìm kiếm in the last decade or so has provided abundant evidence that multiple genetic changes initiate and drive the carcinogenic process.
Tetramethyl benzidine for horseradish peroxidase neurohistochemistry: a non carcinogenic blue reaction-hàng hóa with super sensitivity for visualizing afferents and efferents.

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The physiological process of angiogenesis can become pathophysiological when it allows a tumour khổng lồ establish an independent blood supply with which to nourish the carcinogenic cells.
Instead, many chemicals, including carcinogenic substances, will continue khổng lồ be exempted from the requirement for substitution, providing that they are "properly controlled".
I bởi not think the discovery that vinyl chloride monomer is carcinogenic is of great scientific value.
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