Specifically designed for online learning, our curriculum helps students both develop a lifelong passion for learning và khổng lồ thrive sầu.

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Connections Academy Curriculum

Designed by experts in online learning, our curriculum inspires curiosity và helps students become resilient learners, capable of thriving in a changing world. Our online programs, which start in kindergarten và go through high school, are tailored khổng lồ each student’s quality interests, goals, and abilities.


An Education Designed for All Types of Students

Our courses are designed to help students grow not only academically, but socially và emotionally, as well. Explore a sample lesson to get an inside look inlớn what your student’s life at Connections Academy® might be like.

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Empowering Students to Choose Their Own Path

No two students learn the same way. At Connections Academy, we not only accept that fact, we embrace it. Our online model gives us the flexibility lớn tailor individual learning plans khổng lồ each student’s needs và strengths, allowing them to learn how they learn best. We work in collaboration with parents, who act as their student’s Learning Coach, to make sure that we’re aligned on the best curriculum approach.

Here are just a few of the ways we collaborate with you khổng lồ develop your student’s learning plan for success in online school:

Reviewing student background & academic history: Teachers, Learning Coaches, and students discuss strengths, skills, và previous performance khổng lồ inkhung each student’s educational journey. Evaluating thử nghiệm performance: Students are tested in math, reading, và English/language arts to lớn help measure progress and establish learning goals. Setting goals: Teachers & Learning Coaches work together as a team lớn phối goals for the student’s personal & academic growth.

We recognize that as students evolve, so will their needs. One of the main benefits of the virtual learning Model is its adaptability and flexibility. Regular check-ins between teachers, students, and Learning Coaches mean we’ll be able to lớn adjust your student’s learning plan lớn keep them growing.

How We Help Our Students Grow 

Students learn best when they’re equally challenged & supported. Explore the ways in which we’ll help foster your student’s academic, social, và emotional growth, from their first day of kindergarten through high school graduation. Learn more about our curriculum và program offerings below: