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Bạn đang xem: Battle realms + winter of the wolf free download

a game by Liquid Entertainment, LLC
Platform: PC
User Rating: 8.4/10 - 14 votes
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Battle Realms: Winter of the Wolf was the first try of Battle Realms at expansion packs. We all know how unfair the world of đoạn phim games can be, & how important is the timing when releasing a new game. Some great games get lost in the sea of releases, Battle Realms could be one of these.

Battle Realms was the first game developed by Liquid Software, a real-time strategy title with many great things. A great powerful engine, beautiful maps, nice gameplay, & much more. But it was never too popular, và we"ll talk about why in a moment, but first, we should talk about Battle Realms: Winter of the Wolf for a moment.

About the game

As we mentioned before, it was planned lớn be the first in a series of expansions for the original game Battle Realms. Winter of the Wolf takes place 7 years before the events of Battle Realms. The Wolf Clan used to have sầu a wild lifestyle in harmony with nature in an unexplored lvà. But when something shook their trang chính, they were forced to lớn use the power of their sacred totem lớn transport lớn a safer place.

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However, they ended up in the middle of lands under the control of the Lotus" và the Snake"s clans. It didn"t take long for the Lotus Clan to lớn find out about the Wolf Clan in their tên miền và enslave them. But a brave sầu leader, Graybaông xã appeared to lớn free his people out of the mines & slavery. Fight for justice in a campaign heavily affected by climatic và environmental elements through the endless winter.

Why didn"t it succeed?

Battle Realms had a rough time in the market, it launched too cthua khổng lồ Warcraft III. As you know, Warcraft already had an immense fan base, & given the similar gameplay style, it opaque Battle Realms. So much that in fact, "Winter of the Wolf didn"t even see the light in many places outside of the US.

This is what happens when a new IPhường. launches almost at the same time as a big name in the same genre. While it did well in Review & it still has fans, it"s nothing compared to lớn the legendary Warcraft series.


Just lượt thích the original title, Winter of the Wolf features an interesting và well-developed chiến dịch. Nicely developed characters in an excellently built game-world. However, it doesn"t add much lớn the original game, & there isn"t really any big change. But that"s natural in these older expansion packs, where they add enough content lớn make the game bigger but not enough lớn be a complete game by itself.


Overall it"s a shame Winter of the Wolf wasn"t released worldwide, as it"s an excellent expansion khổng lồ an already great game.

Gameplay: Winter of the Wolf has everything from the original game, & adds up the almost constant extra of the eternal winter. The snow affects the characters and their behavior, making it an interesting element khổng lồ consider when making decisions. The controls are super comfortable & the AI is competent và solid.