something, especially a way of getting help, that you depend on lớn lead your life in a satisfactory way:

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something that will help a person, organization, or country to lớn continue lớn exist or operate in the same way:
They won what amounted to lớn an economic lifeline that allowed Britain to lớn pay for food, fuel, và other essentials.
Nobody toàn thân was allowed lớn leave, for fear they would inform, a dictate that interrupted the long-distance trading/exchange activities that were the communities" lifeline.
Both developmental and evolutionary processes are more than merely instructive or selective; the organism constructs itself, a process known as autopoiesis, through a lifeline trajectory.
In addition, many rural areas were traversed by the rail network, which gave sầu them an additional lifeline và a links with main centres.
I imagine that, sinking under the weight of audits, tests, standards and the like, they will reach for it as for a lifeline.
When he denies her a word of recognition, she disappears, as if male speech is her only lifeline khổng lồ the human world.
In the east, aridity made corn growing and hog rearing increasingly unsustainable activities but wheat now presented a lifeline.

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In particular last year, when there was a breakdown of the peace process, these projects were vital peace lifelines.
Collective sầu selling of television rights is the financial lifeline for many clubs that would otherwise be squeezed out by the famous.
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