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‘It was a match of mediocre chất lượng, although neither side was short of commitment.’‘So I guess the conclusion is that this is a mediocre, eminently forgettable album.’‘If we don"t allow any quality commercial development then the town is doomed to lớn a mediocre fate.’‘Unfortunately, the unique of the titles ranged all the way from mediocre to abysmal.’‘Another mediocre season will not see hyên ổn offered three more years in charge of Edinburgh and so he might as well go for broke.’‘Grandera appears to have sầu two ways of running, quite brilliant or utterly mediocre.’‘The offence was mediocre, not managing to aid their defence and goalie whatsoever.’‘Both sides gave a mediocre performance in the first half and created scarce chances on goal.’‘I do think that there is a lot of mediocre music that has been coming out lately, so I sort of agree.’‘The hotels I hate are the really, really mediocre ones that pretover lớn be really, really good ones.’‘The more I think about it, there were some pretty poor teachers at the school, & most were mediocre.’‘She can go from mediocre khổng lồ champion in the space of a couple of sets.’‘In spite of the huge efforts of the committee prior to lớn the meeting attendance was mediocre.’‘I thought it was slightly better than mediocre, which was precisely what I was expecting.’‘The first story was great and the others various degrees of mediocre to all right.’‘At best, they were mediocre and at worst, merely a repeat of some of his past successes.’‘The industry is still too accepting of mediocre illustrations and photography in general.’‘We waited 50 minutes for our mediocre and pricey lunch dishes lớn be delivered to our table.’‘His system turns mediocre players inlớn good ones và good players inkhổng lồ great ones.’


Late 16th century from French médiocre, from Latin mediocris ‘of middle height or degree’, literally ‘somewhat mountainous’, from medius ‘middle’ + ocris ‘rugged mountain’.