Sort of works, but I wouldn't risk it

So, amidst all the bot review, I decided to try it myself (but ignore all the disable antivirut bs). I was successfully able to lớn get the first game I downloaded lớn work, which I found promising. But it wasn't a AAA game, so I went for Assassin's Creed Rogue (one I don't currently have). After downloading I extracted it with little problems, but then when I tried copying the files to my external HDD, I kept getting an error that wouldn't let me copy the EXE that would launch the game, because it contained a virus. I then tried lớn extract it directly lớn my external HDD and every time Winrar stopped responding immediately. Just ganna bite the bullet & use Steamunlocked, even with the atrocious download speeds.

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yeah you better use those shitty site , because i am getting more of those kém chất lượng đánh giá from that site you mentioned , making nhái hype , i vị not care about your Đánh Giá or you spamming on our discord channel , i see 100 of giả promotional self promotion, vì chưng it as long as you can

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I trust them... so far at least.

mans got me over 200 dollars worth of games for miễn phí lol. join the discord they will literally add a new game for you within hours if it is requestable.


Full of malware and viruses

Hello, hope you're having a great day.So, to lớn begin with. Never, ever install ANYTHING from repaông chồng games. They're full of s*it. I just installed one of their games, which forced me to lớn tải về their installer. Once it was phối up, the installer flooded my PC with s*it loads of malware such us sAntivirus or Idle Buddy. It would be great if trust pilot noticed that the positive sầu Review here are just multi-accounts used by the repack shi*ty team. Hopefully, you won't give sầu inlớn their crap after reading this and save sầu a few hours of your life removing the malware. And also, if you're reading this repackgames team, ftông xã you again. You don't even have the ftcking modesty to be actually nice to people that you triông xã inlớn downloading the malware you offer and usually offkết thúc your 'customers' if they even question one thing out of your shady operation. Real low tier scammers. To everyone else, have a nice day!