Sniper: ghost warrior

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a game by City Interactive sầu S.A.
Platforms: XBox 360, PC, Playstation 3
User Rating: 9.5/10 - 4 votes
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Sniper Ghost Warrior is a first person Sniper game from CI games available for PC, PS3 & Xbox 360. Unlike other shooting games such as the Hotline of Duty franchise, the objective of this game is to lớn successfully carry out contract work in return for a monetary reward, as long as it revolves around sniping.

What It’s About

The story goes as such. The democratic government of Isla Trueno is one day overthrown leading lớn an aggressive sầu military battle for power. A highly trained special ops united is then sent in lớn help the rebels accomplish their aims in a way that only a sniper could handle. The sniper is you (how fun!) và throughout the game you’ll be switching from person khổng lồ person, acting as paid assassin or hired contract killer all within the aims of trying khổng lồ help the special ops unit get a handle on things.


What Was Good

There are a few other games succeeding this one in the Sniper franchise, with more developed mechanics and items that are more thought through. If you’ve sầu played any of those games then Sniper: Ghost Warrior may seem lượt thích a step down khổng lồ you, but if not, then it’s still got some decent things lớn offer. You’ve sầu got a standard bullet cam where you can watch some good kills, & on the occasions where you can actually use fully automatic weapons, you get some good recoil off them, too. The story mode is concise and not particularly elaborate or challenging, which, depending on the type of player, will either be a pro or a con.

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What Was Lacking

There is, unfortunately, a whole lot in this game that left me unimpressed. The game itself is based around shooting và killing, yet that seems to lớn be a function that the game struggles with greatly. Often when firing at targets, enemies will suddenly gain terminator levels of invincibility, with shots just being absorbed into their stomachs like nothing had happened. You usually have sầu to fire a few times khổng lồ get the kill shot & when it lands it looks good; however the glitchiness of what should be the main function of the game is down lớn a dodgy AI that takes you right out of the experience of being a sniper. Another example of this is found upon shooting an enemy; it doesn’t matter how efficiently or quietly you vì chưng it, the rest of their team will be automatically alerted. This means that a lot of the game basically revolves around running away from foes & trying desperately to lớn take them down with your seldom-working gun. I honestly found it lớn be tedious, repetitive & quite dull.



Unfortunately there happens lớn be more bad than good to lớn say about this game. There are points where it feels lượt thích it has something, & then the haywire AI or just the downright boring gameplay rears its head & it puts you right off. If you’re not mad about vicariously living out your sniping fantasies via video game, then perhaps this is one best left alone.


Some good shooting mechanicsEasy enough lớn run through


Boring, repetitive and dull throughoutInvincible enemies are not a fun element of the gameA sniping game that doesn’t give you freedom when sniping is not a good one