How To Fix 'This Copy Of Windows Is Not Genuine' Errors

This copy of Windows is not genuine is one of the most common errors in Windows operating system.You can try to lớn solve the error generated on your Windows screen through RSOP. method, where RSOP.. stands for Resultant Set of Policy Window.

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Windows is not genuine: Here’s how khổng lồ remove this alert

This copy of Windows is not genuine is one of the most comtháng errors in Windows operating system.
As a result of encountering this error, the desktop wallpaper set by you will convert inlớn a black screen, the battery life will decrease as this message keeps popping on the laptop, & more.

Some of the Windows 10 features will no longer work unless you remove sầu this message. This alert can get quite annoying, especially while working with important stuff as it pops up at regular intervals.

However, you can still vày other things on your PC, like complete your work và use the computer lượt thích before.

The main reason that your computer displays this error is that you did not activate your Windows license after the trial period.

You can also receive this error because the license of Windows operating system that you are using is expired or blocked.

Also, if you mô tả your Windows license khổng lồ other people, like friends or family members, Microsoft could bloông chồng your license due khổng lồ use in multiple computer usage or attempts to activate the same license too many times.

If you see this error on your Windows computer, this article will show you how khổng lồ fix it.

How can I fix Windows is not genuine errors?

Solution 1: Use the RSOPhường. command

You can try to lớn solve sầu the error generated on your Windows screen through RSOPhường. method, where RSOP. stands for Resultant Set of Policy Window, by following the steps below:

Press WindowsR buttons from the keyboard in order lớn open the Run windowRestart your computer.

Solution 2: Use SLMGR-REARM command

By using Command Prompt & a simple commvà, you can fix this problem in both Windows 32-bit and 64-bit, & in all versions of Windows operating system:

You will see a confirmation window, clichồng on OK và restart your computer

Note: SLMGR is Windows software licensing management tool. REARM comm& will remix the licensing status of the machine.

Solution 3: Check if your license is really legitimate

If you have sầu paid for a license, and if you now find that it was a fake one, you could take up the matter with Microsoft, report counterfeit software & see what happens.

Also, you have lớn tương tác your vendor as Microsoft tư vấn in most cases will only help you resolve sầu the issue when you buy Windows OS from Microsoft store.

Solution 4: Run the Microsoft Genuine Advance Diagnostic Tool

The Microsoft Genuine Advantage Diagnostic Tool provides detailed information about the Microsoft Genuine Advantage components and settings currently on your system.

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It will allow you khổng lồ diagnose & automatically resolve problems. Run the tool, copy its findings to lớn your clipboard và then submit a Genuine Windows technical tư vấn request khổng lồ Microsoft.

Download the tool, run the MGADiag.exe, và cliông xã Continue for the kiểm tra results.

There will be some useful information such as the Validation Status that might tell you if the sản phẩm key is invalid or a blacklisted corporate key.

You might also get notified if the LegitCheckControl.dll tệp tin has been tampered with in which case there could be some form of craông chồng on your Windows install which has been detected.

If there is an issue the tool can fix, click the Resolve sầu button.

Solution 5: Uninstall update KB971033 if you are using Windows 7

The KB971033 update could be the source of your problem in case you are using Windows 7.

If you are getting the message This copy of Windows is not genuine, then this means that Windows has an updated file that is capable to detect your Windows operating system.

Hence, this requires uninstalling the following update lớn get rid of this problem.

xuất hiện Control PanelGo khổng lồ Windows update sectionClichồng on View installed updatesAfter loading all installed updates, check for update KB971033 and uninstallRestart your computer

Solution 6: Turn off updates

To make sure that the This copy of Windows is not genuine message does not come bachồng, make sure you turn off automatic Windows updates.

In order to lớn turn off automatic Windows updates, you need to:

xuất hiện the Control panel from the Start buttonGo to lớn Windows update optionClick on Install Updates Automatically option và select Never check for updates (Not Recommended)Clichồng on Apply to change the setting và restart your computer

Note: Your computer is now never getting this error again. However, you cannot upgrade your Windows lớn the lachạy thử version to lớn fix bugs or getting new features.

All in all, we hope the methods described above sầu did help you khổng lồ fix the error message that states your copy of Windows is not genuine.

There may be other methods as well but these are easy lớn follow.

Also, in order to avoid such trouble, one must not tư vấn pirated version of Windows & should own a genuine Window Copy officially from Microsoft.