Thought là gì

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the act of thinking about or considering something, an idea or opinion, or a mix of ideas about a particular subject:
the act of thinking about something to lớn khung ideas & opinions, or an idea or opinion produced by thinking:
However, there is a sharp distinction between the mechanisms posited by repression và the processes thought lớn underlie ordinary forgetting.
He attempted to create architecture directly out of what he called "nature"s organic structural thoughts".
Indeed, representations in the brain are not thought by visual neuroscientists to be point-by-point picture-lượt thích representations.
But this doesn"t necessarily mean that the locus of thought is natural language representations (words, syntax, phonology).
Traditionally, lexical contexts và sentential contexts were thought to lớn play very different roles in word recognition, each applying at a separate stage.
If they thought both meanings were synonymous, then they were told to choose the meaning that would be the most likely used for the sentence.
Luminance gradients are usually thought to provide cues about the interactions of light & surfaces that Model the volume of the resulting object.
There are & always will be "schools of thought" that favor one or more interpretive sầu themes over competitors.

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The behavioral result is that activation in this pathway is thought to lớn facilitate top-down goal-oriented behavior & thereby simultaneously suppress alternative sầu nongoal-oriented behaviors.
To speculate, the empirical findings of this article may be thought to lớn provide a "revisionist" view of the developmental state.
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