Yakuza 4 remastered


This is a tale of men driven khổng lồ persize miracles.Revived on the PlayStation 4 inhigh resolution và 60 fps

It is the year 2010 in Kamurođến, Tokyo.One night in this quarter of pleasure, ahy vọng the swirls of human greed và conflict, a shooting occurs. In this town, it would have been a night lượt thích any other… Except this night, a woman appeared. This is a story of the overlapping fates of four men, and the miracle that their violent và passionate lifestyles give sầu birth to.

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A new legend, forged from the lives of four protagonists

A first for the series, the original game featured a story drawn from the perspectives of four protagonists. When these men of powerful conviction gathered together, a new legkết thúc was born in Kamurocho.

The legendary former diemthitotnghiep24h.com, Kazuma Kiryu
Former loan shark of the homeless district, Shun Akiyama
Fugitive sầu from justice and diemthitotnghiep24h.com who murdered 18 people, Taiga Saejima

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Detective sầu Masayoshi Tanimura
Lead each of the four in their battle lớn become the strongest!

Punch, kiông chồng, and turn your environment into a weapon in exhilarating street fights. Learn new moves by receiving Revelations as you explore, và improve sầu your skills by training under martial arts masters!

A chất lượng battle action bursts up for each hero!
Let"s play the entertainment area full of stimulation!

The familiar cabaret of the series is alive in this work. In the không tính phí entrance store, it is also possible to lớn receive sầu customer service from flowers in both hands! In “Cover”, you can also cultivate attractive sầu cheats và capture! Furthermore, downtown hot spring facilities appear. It is healed in a hot spring, and after-sale with a hostess, Experience a new sense of play such as table tennis matches! Pachinko, karaoke, batting center ... In addition to that, it is full of fulfilling play!

A tense, heated drama backed by an all-star cast

Starring: Takaya Kurodomain authority, Koiđưa ra Yamadera, Rikiya Koyama, Toshiki MasudaKenta Kiritani, Maju Ozawa, George Takahashi, Kenibỏ ra Envị, Ikki Sawamura, Kin"ya KitaojiMusic by: Zeebra, Mummy-D, RYO the SKYWALKER, DJ Hasebe a.k.a. Old NickDirected by: Toshihiro Nagoshi

Kazuma Kiryu

Kiryu is the former fourth Tojo chairman, & once a renowned diemthitotnghiep24h.com in Kamurođến. He has been running the Morning Glory Orphanage in Okinawa for 3 years, living a peaceful life with Haruka, the daughter of his beloved Yumày. In 2009, he was drawn into lớn the conflict surrounding the Okinawan resort development, and returned to lớn his old life in order to lớn protect the local people. Kiryu fought in a fierce showdown with the men masterminding the incident, và was badly injured after being stabbed by the hostile Gou Hamazaki, leader of the Hamazaki Family. Although Kiryu survived the encounter, he was forced inkhổng lồ recovery in Okinawa. Now, in March 2010, his wounds have fully recovered and he has returned to lớn his happy life.